Child protection is the responsibility of everyone.

The British Council believes that all children are important and that every child counts all over the world. Children are a priority because they are endowed with a native capacity and a unique desire to exchange information and ideas that can establish relationships and lead to a lasting change for the future of the world.

Child protection is the responsibility of everyone. We believe that we have a fundamental duty to protect all children involved in our work against abuses of any kind. We do this by aligning with the relevant legislation in each country where we operate, and by joining the United Nations Convention on the Protection of Children (UNCRC) – 1989, which represents the international legal framework for children’s rights.

The British Council defines the child as the person who has not reached the age of 18, regardless of the legal age of reaching the majority in the country where the child is in, or in the country of origin.

Ensuring that all children involved in British Council activities are safe;
Have a common understanding of this policy to inform staff in planning and conducting activities;
Provide guidance to employees to take an attitude and to know the procedures to be applied if there is a suspicion of abuse.
This policy is mandatory and applies to all people working for the British Council anywhere in the world, regardless of their contractual nature (employees, agents, subcontractors, consultants, volunteers, interns, or any kind of work on behalf of the British Council).

Appreciate, respect and listen to children’s opinions;
Adopt child protection measures and procedures for staff;
Ensures that all procedures and policies concerned are respected when recruiting staff;
Ensure that all staff are ready to identify possible child safety issues;
Informs staff, children and parents / carers about child protection and appropriate internal procedures;
Ensure effective staff management through mentoring and training programs.
We will provide the appropriate resources to implement this policy and, at the same time, ensure a transparent communication for better understanding and assimilation.